TT Run-n-Gun Rifle Cleaning Kit

$ 16.95

TT Run-n-Gun Rifle Cleaning Kit

A great kit to keep in your calling rig. Something most predator callers don't think to have on them. Throw it in the glove box or your calling bag, for those moments. A stuck bullet or brass can ruin a day of calling.  

This is a 10 piece rifle cleaning kit, for the .22LR, .223, .257, etc. Anything that is .20-.25 caliber can be cleaned with this kit.

This kit includes a .22 cal brass brush, a .22 cal chamber brush, a plastic oil bottle, 2 pc patch holder, 4 pc rifle rods, and a double end nylon cleaning brush.

You will also receive a nice canvas pouch to keep everything in. This is a very handy kit.

Size of canvas pouch: 25cm x 10cm

Package includes

1 x 22 cal brass brush

1 x 22 cal chamber brush

1 x plastic oil bottle

2 x patch holder

4 x rifle rods

1 x double end nylon cleaning brush