TT Power Couple - Pack 2

$ 25.00

TT Power Couple - Pack 2

Convenient 6 Pack of Excited Pair Yip-Howls...from the same pair.  Just like Pack 1, this is Kanti and Dakota belting out ALL NEW howls.

When mimicking a new intruder pair of coyotes on your calling stand, the last thing you want to do is switch to totally different sounding coyotes.  Answer coyotes on a stand, but don't just repeat with the same sound. Give them a whole new response and feel confident that it is the same coyotes recorded.

These high quality recordings will help fool you wary coyotes.  Same pair, belting out 6 different 28 to 50 second excited yip-howls.  This brand new, revolutionary concept will give you confidence...and results on stands.  These sounds are only available in this pack.

Comes in a convenient zip file. Once you download, open the zip file and copy the 6 individual mp3 files to your computer...then onto your caller.

Download link available after order is complete.

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