TT Run-n-Gun E-Call Stand

$ 19.95

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The TT Run-n-Gun E-Call Stand will keep your E-Call out of the dirt, mud and snow. Sits your e-call 18″ above the ground with the 1/4″ stud screwed into the 1/4″ mount on the bottom of your e-call, to get the sounds out farther for those predators to hear. Stand has a 5″ steel spike to insert into the ground to hold your e-call solid for long calls. Works great for the Conservation Snow Goose season also! The stud screwed to the e-call can stay on the call and inserts into the stand with an adapter and locks into the stand with a thumb set screw.

Tony has approached SRB with his Run-n-Gun call stand idea and they are now manufacturing it.  He has been testing and using it this season and it has been performing flawlessly. Super easy deployment. Carry your ecaller over your shoulder like you would a shovel or axe. Walk out, stick it in the ground, and get to calling. Fast and simple.

Made in the USA.