Introductory Price!! December 04 2020

Our brand new TT Stealth Lanyard-n-Drag has been released!!  On sale this week. 

Instructional video on loading sounds March 16 2020

Having issues loading sounds or just want to know how to do it?   Here is a video on loading TT Sounds on ICOtec Outlaw, Lucky Duck Roughneck, and the Foxpro X2S.

Coyote Hunting Bumper Stickers and Magnets are HOT! March 02 2020

Our brand new bumper stickers and magnets are selling like hotcakes.  Check them out!

You can find them HERE

Brand New Sounds Released! January 12 2020

We released some amazing brand new sounds. Perfect time to give you fresh sounds for the late calling season.  Top quality sounds that will work on ANY and ALL call brands.  

  • TT Excited Yips
  • TT Frantic Jack
  • TT Kanti Howls 2
  • TT Jackette
  • TT Crazy Pair
  • TT Juiced Pair
  • TT Coyote Pain
  • TT Nights Alive
  • TT Morning Wakeup
  • TT Field on Fire
  • TT ReeRee Baby 3

Use our Search feature to find them, or just click on Sounds ---> 2019

Brand New Sounds Released December 10 2019

We released some amazing brand new sounds. Top quality sounds that will work on ANY and ALL call brands.  

  • TT Snowshoe 1
  • TT Den Raid HD
  • TT Cottontail Candy HD
  • TT Den Raid Evolution
  • TT Pairenade
  • TT Teen Starter
  • TT Bitch in Heat

Use our Search feature to find them, or just click on Sounds ---> 2019


TT Snippet Series October 31 2019

Introducing the TT Snippet Series

A brand new concept in sound files is the TT Snippet Series.  Short 10 to 30 sound files of the "good stuff".  With technology changing and the capability to play 2 sounds at once, I find myself wanting to mix a second sound in for short spurts, similar to how I'd do if hand calling.  When a coyote howls on stand, I want to throw back a single howl, but keep calling with my sound that I've been playing.  In addition, if you are on a tight budget, TT Snippets are a great way to get in on the TT family of sounds at a smoking price and just let your caller repeat it over and over.  These are .zip files to easily download and expand on your PC, then just copy the .mp3 files to your caller.  You get 10 snippets for 1 price!

Changes coming to our sound subscriptions January 19 2019

Next week, we will be announcing changes to our sound subscriptions.  Going to do things a bit different and bigger in 2019.  Stay tuned, Facebook Live video coming next week on the topic.

Sounds that work...on ANY call brand January 19 2019

All TT Sounds will work on ANY call brand, as long as the caller allows you to update it.  Since we started recording sounds 15 years ago, we decided to put our sounds in an open .MP3 format for the sole purpose of working on any caller, regardless of brand.  Since then, our sounds are on every major call brand across the world and have become the most popular brand of sounds to use in the Predator Hunting industry.  See and hear the difference...