TT Hootie Decoy

$ 29.99 $ 34.99

The TT Hootie has been working wonders for us. I feel that 90% of the time that a rabbit is screaming, is due to a bird of prey. My theories seem to be proven, as I have had a mess of coyotes charge the caller, trying to scare and/or grab the bird decoy. 

Hootie's lightweight wings use a patented airfoil technology that create dynamic movement. The wings constantly move in the wind. Super lightweight, ultra realistic on stand, and very effective. 

Comes available as the decoy by itself (provide your own stand) or as a combo with our 16" aluminum universal call clamp. 


Size: 24.41 x 40.16 x 10.43 inch

Clamp Size: 16 inches tall. Can clamp 3" and hold very securely.

Looking for a way to make predators put their guard down and charge? Clamp a TT Hootie on your ecaller and let the fun begin!