Tebbes VIP CLUB 2019 - Oct/Nov/Dec

$ 75.00

We were the FIRST to bring you high quality sounds that work on ANY call brand.  We were the FIRST and ONLY to bring you automatic sound subscriptions.  New for 2019, we are bringing you something even better...

Introducing Tebbe's VIP CLUB.  A BRAND NEW concept in sound and information subscriptions. Join quarterly to, not only receive automatic sound releases, but also instructional information and videos, pertinent to that season. It works similar to our sound subscriptions from the past, but Quarterly/Seasonal for 3 months at a time and you get a whole lot more than just sounds... You'll not only get ALL sounds produced in the quarter, but also you'll get an insider view to life at Pred-U, Tony's explanation of his sounds and how to best implement them on stands.

Tired of every Tom, Dick, and Harry using the secret sounds that bring you success?  Tebbe's VIP CLUB members have EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the latest sounds.  That means they are the ONLY people to get new sounds, as they are released...for up to 3 months.  After the quarter is over, they will be available on the webstore for the general public to purchase.  This is another industry FIRST...and only from Predator University.

You will receive automatic updates of any new sounds, videos, instructions, tips and tricks  released in October, November and December of 2019.  One easy .ZIP file to download and use.  Plus:

  • Exclusive VIP Access to any sounds produced in Oct/Nov/Dec 2019.
  • Exclusive VIP Tips, Tricks, and Information in videos, writeups, etc...
  • Exclusive VIP ONLY sounds, never to be released to general public
  • Prize Drawings at end of year for paid VIP CLUB members that remain members all 4 Quarters/Seasons

Huge savings on Brand New Sounds, Exclusive Access, Insider information, Tips, Tricks, and more..What more could you ask for?

Download link available after order is complete.  Automatic update emails every time we release a new sound or video throughout the 3 months.


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