Battery Packs - ICOtec Outlaw and Nightstalker

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** NEW FOR 2018/2019 **

Y'all have been asking for it, and here it is.  Rechargeable batteries for your ICOtec Outlaw.  We've put together a package for hard core predator hunters. These are built by a company you can trust.

Two (2) NiMH 2000mAh Tenergy brand battery packs and a Tenergy Universal Smart Charger.  

Our package has 2 battery packs, so you always have a charged backup battery ready when you need it. We have custom installed all the proper plugs so it is Plug and Play with the Outlaw and Nightstalker.

We have been field testing and using these battery packs and charger and are very pleased with the results.  We are getting 3-4 solid days of calling on our Outlaw on a single pack.  About the same runtime as Duracell Alkalines, but with the convenience of a quick recharge and ready to go again.

Tenergy NiMH 12V 2000mAh Battery Pack


  • Made of high quality matched NiMH AA cells.
  • Predator University custom installs and tests Outlaw compatible plugs
  • No memory effect.


Tenergy Universal Smart Charger for NiMH/NiCd Battery Packs


  • Designed to charge any 5S-10S cell NiMH/NiCd battery pack.
  • Automatic charging cutoff protection from negative delta V.
  • Selectable charging current levels (1A to 2A)
  • Patent pending "Watchdog" technology provides maximum protection.
  • Standard Tamiya and temperature sensor installed with charger, one set of female Tamiya to alligator clips and one standard female Tamiya to small male Tamiya included.
  • Ideal for most NiMH packs for RC cars and airsoft applications.